Do you have a store front?

No, not at this time. We are a small home based business operating under a Class B Cottage Food Permit. The cupcake bouquets are made in a residential  kitchen which is licensed and inspected by the County of Marin. We are fully insured and have completed all required food handlers training.

How should I store my cupcake bouquet?

Store at cool room temperature and out of direct sunlight, or in the fridge. We suggest they be consumed within 2 days (on day of pick up/delivery or following day). If cakes are refrigerated they should be brought back to room temperature before consumption. Cupcakes should not be frozen.

Do you provide an ingredient list?

Yes, with each bouquet an ingredient list is inserted into the packaging for your reference. This insert also includes allergen information, storage instructions and serving directions.

I have a nut allergy. Do your cupcakes come into contact with nuts?

It is possible. We cannot guarantee that the cupcakes that do not contains nuts will not have come into contact with the allergen since it is made in a kitchen that is not nut free. We suggest anyone with a severe nut allergy avoid eating our product.

Do you offer gluten free cupcake bouquets?

Yes! We offer bouquets with gluten free vanilla cupcakes. But please note, they are made in a kitchen that contains gluten products and using shared equipment. We suggest anyone that is highly sensitive to gluten avoid eating our product.

How should the cupcakes be served?

Each guest should pick out a cupcake from the arrangement using the dark green tissue that surrounds each cupcake. The bouquet structure should not be disassembled to serve. The bouquet packaging is flammable so please exercise extreme caution if using Birthday candles. Each cupcake flavor is baked in a different colored cupcake case but a flower design can correspond with a cupcake flavor if you so wish.

Are your ingredients organic?

No, not all of them. But we use all real ingredients with no artificial preservatives.

Why does your pricing say “starting at”? How does your pricing model work?

The “starting at” dollar amount is the base price for each bouquet size. The quote we provide takes into account number of cupcake flavors, if any special fondant cupcake toppers are requested and delivery to/from San Anselmo. We are happy to arrange a pick up location in San Anselmo if it is more convenient for you or if you wish to avoid the delivery charge.

If I choose to pick up, how will I transport the bouquet safely?

Each bouquet is packaged in a bakery box for protection. The small bouquet comes in a 10x10x8 box, the medium/large bouquets in a 14x14x8 box and extra large in a 16x16x8 box. We recommend that the box be placed in the passenger foot well or in the trunk on a flat surface. Placing the box on a seat risks the cakes slipping off in transit.

Do you deliver to San Francisco?

Yes. We deliver to San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area. Please contact us for a delivery quote.

Can I add extra cupcakes in my bouquet?

Our typical bouquet sizes are 7, 14 and 19 but we are happy to discuss other sizing options to fit your needs. There are some limitations though to ensure the overall look of the bouquet is not compromised.

Do you design centerpieces?

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for. We are happy to work with you to design something unique for your special event.The cupcakes can be displayed in different containers/vases/baskets to achieve the look you desire for your arrangements.

Do you offer different flavors of buttercream?

No, all buttercream frosting is vanilla regardless of the cake flavor. Please note that we use industry standard Pure Vanilla extract that contains alcohol due to the manufacturing process. Please let us know if you prefer an alternative flavoring due to medical/religious/other reasons.

Why do you not offer red velvet flavor with cream cheese frosting?

We are not able to offer cream cheese frosting as it is against the terms of our environmental health permit in Marin county.

Can I request a different flavor cupcake?

At the moment, we offer 7 cupcake flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Coconut, Rose, Chai and Almond). Other flavors will be added at certain times of year for a limited time. For example, pumpkin spice around Halloween/Thanksgiving.

Do you use natural food coloring?

No, unfortunately to achieve the desired effect we use artificial food coloring (mostly AmeriColor brand). We use the smallest amount possible to achieve the color required.

Can I request certain flowers?

We are happy to try and accommodate whatever you wish. Please just ask and we will try our best. We are always up for a challenge!
Around certain holidays we will offer special designs. For example a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day, Poinsettia’s around the holidays, tulips at Easter time etc.

Do you offer a vegan cupcake bouquet?

No. Unfortunately, not at this time.

Do you do in person workshops?

Yes – please check our events page for upcoming dates and details of how to sign up. You can also subscribe to our newsletter

Do you offer online tutorials?

Yes! Please visit our shop to purchase video tutorials. We also have links to our favorite equipment and supplies. Currently all video tutorials are for purchase individually but as we add more course content we plan to offer bundle purchasing and even a subscription option.

I purchased an online tutorial but it did not automatically download. What should I do?

If you created an account all your tutorials will be available under the “downloads” section of your dashboard. If you do not have an account you should have received an email with a link where you can download the video tutorial. If you are still having trouble accessing the video you purchased please contact us at sarah@bakedblooms.com


Any other questions???? Please Email sarah@bakedblooms.com Thanks!